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Thursday, February 4, 2010


Today, my bags are packed and I am on my way to Las Vegas for the A/W 2010 World Shoe & Accessories Tradeshow. Yes, I said SHOES!!!!! As many of you know, I am a Style Expert for Kim Kardashian's Shoe Society, ShoeDazzle. It's really important that I am always on-top of the trends and attending this shoe show only enhances my knowledge on trends for A/W 2010.

COLOR PALETTE for A/W 2010-2011

Wondering which hues for shoes will be must-haves for consumers next fall? According to Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute and the head of the Eiseman Center for Color Information and Training, buyers may want to look to the past, present and future to get a sense of coming color trends. “The big picture theme is a Mosaic of Color and Style,” she says. “This reflects cultural, universal time frames and seemingly disconnected elements. Though new technologies continue to reinvent the future, we may notice some things have a vaguely nostalgic feeling.”

The interest in making everything old new again stems from, yes, the current economy. “Since people are thinking about the economy, that’s telling us some of the styling of the past isn’t discarded, but instead brought back in a new way. What’s important today is to think in terms of practicality. People are going to ask themselves, gee, I already have six pairs of black shoes, so why do I need another pair? Retailers are going to want to give them something new, and this is where color plays an important role. For example, maybe a consumer is drawn to a purple car, but when they get to the show room they decide to go with the black version. But you need to have that purple car to get their attention.”

Image  -  WSAToday“One theme under the larger Mosaic idea is called Molecular. It embraces a lot of darker shades, which are typical for the season, but it includes a purpley wine, a very deep green and, of course, a navy black and a coffee brown. Brown will stay very, very important. But the introduction of yellow, orchid, a purplish blue and jade green will be accents. In footwear, those could show up as gemstones, ribbon trim or any embellishment with unexpected color.

Image  -  WSAToday“There’s an element of glitter attached to the Byzantine theme. A lot of the illustrations to convey this are stained glass church windows, but these colors can be as modern as a Mondrian and very abstract, playing into the Mosaic idea. This theme includes metallics, shimmery gold, rich reds, vibrant blues and purples. There will be a wine color, but it’s a truer wine color. What this palette conveys is modernized nostalgia, in that it’s not duplicating a previous time period, but applying modern technology to it. In terms of shoes, we might be thinking about a platform sole and heel made with a new plastic or reconstructed wood, materials that speak of a new technology being used in a new way.

Image  -  WSAToday“Deconstructing-Reconstructing also follows the theme of revisiting the past, but it focuses more on neutrals, grey, gunmetal and cream. Ochre, brown and black are accented with topiary greens and lipstick red. You could describe this as old school. There has been a movement toward looking to The Gap and Ralph Lauren, but this is still a reinvented look. It’s buffalo plaids and Americana, but not as it was in the 80s. It’s a bolder way of combining plaids and checks.

Image  -  WSAToday“Multiple Identity is inspired by human coloring. The blues, irises and browns we see in eye color and the pink browns and roses we see in skin tone. It’s the mosaic of human coloring, and it makes for an unpredictable but interesting palette. It also has broad appeal. The consumer can find something he or she relates to. Someone with dark skin may look at a pair of brown shoes and say, hmm, if I wear those it will look as if I’m not wearing shoes at all, lengthening the leg. There’s lots of potential in this palette.” 

Thursday, January 28, 2010


Quincy Jones and Lionel Richie have arranged a re-make of the 1985 group song "We Are The World;" the new version will be recorded to benefit the victims of the earthquake in Haiti. According to E! Online, the new line-up includes Usher, John Legend and Natalie Cole. The song will be performed on February 1, 2010 at the Nokia Theater in Los Angeles. It is expected that the new version will spawn a new "We are the World" video and single after the Nokia performance. Although it has not yet been confirmed, Wyclef Jean, who has been active in helping the people of Haiti with his Yele Haiti Foundation, may be a part of the new version. Others, still unconfirmed, may include Sting, Alicia Keys, Justin Timberlake and Fergie.http://www.billboard.com/news/quincy-jones-to-remake-we-are-the-world-1004060769.story#/news/quincy-jones-to-remake-we-are-the-world-1004060769.story3
The late Michael Jackson, who also contributed to the original, may also be featured in the new version. According to Billboard.com, AEG, who created a 3-D tribute to Jackson for the 2010 Grammy Awards, is also co-producing the "We Are The World" concert at the Nokia Theater. It is likely that Jackson will be featured in Haiti's "We Are the World" since he already recorded the song for his last project This is It.

The original "We Are The World" was a collaboration that benefited USA for Africa. Lionel Richie, Bruce Springsteen, Bob Dylan, Cyndi Lauper, Michael Jackson and Billy Joel were all featured in the 1985 song.


February is coming, and it will bring the day of love with it. Most of the lovers are already planning for the day. What gift to give, where to meet, what to do to make the day more romantic than any other day?

Why and how is Valentine's Day celebrated? No one quite knows, why it is celebrated, but it surely makes a big difference in life of lovers. This is the most important day for lovers. They all go mad in love on this day,and can think of nothing but how to please their beloved. It is recorded that business of jewelry takes a big jump during February. So does the business of flowers,candies and cards. Every other gift that can be thought of is bought across most of the countries of the world and is sent to the beloved.

What about others? Valentine's Day may be the most important day for those in love. What about others? Let us take a look at today's world. Wars, terrorism, fear, murders, and every other destruction that can disturb a peaceful life is the norm. Open a newspaper, watch news on television or read it on Internet, the disturbing news is getting predominance. It depresses the common person in the world. Isn't it? What does a common person think of the future of such a world? Can anyone be optimistic? Can anyone visualize of peace dawning around the world, countries co existing in peace with each other and no ethnic wars being fought anywhere?
What does one look forward to in such a world? I think that most of us have become so numb with disturbances, both man made and natural that we have stopped thinking of future. For a large majority it is "let us try to live peacefully today".

Valentine's Day and the world peace -With so much destruction going around,, shouldn't one welcome a day, when love reigns supreme? A day, when hatred and destruction takes back seat and one only thinks of love? What if we begin a new way of celebration? Begin sending love messages to our enemies. Begin talking of love and peace and try something that can reduce our conflicts with others? Why keep the day confined to romantic love. Take a step forward and make it a day to make every human being love another. Irrespective of race, nation, religion, etc. Break all the outer barriers and try to touch the heart of all we can? Can this be done? Let us at least think of Valentine's Day as a day, when all the hatred and enmity is forgotten and it is the song of love that is played around. Is that not a big contribution of this day? That is why it is so important.

Read the gift guide! Coming soon!

Friday, January 22, 2010


Get to know MTV's soon-to-be bad boy on the block, Jayson Blair. Yes, you can hear the girls swoon. MTV's set to debut The Adventures of RJ Berger in June, but you can get to know the handsome hottie now. Blair plays resident BMOC (Big Man on Campus, for those who have no clue), Max Owen, who enjoys antagonizing the beloved dorky title character, RJ. The buzz about this highly anticipated scripted show is bringing a new flavor to MTV. With David Katzenberg at the helm, you can rest assured that when someone mentions the hideous Jersey Shore, you'll be saying "Forgettabout it!' This show is being hailed "Wonder Years" meets "SuperBad" and promises to entertain on a scripted series, not on wanna-be-reality nonsense.

Blair's passion for acting came at a young age and his career thus far is flourishing. If his name doesn't ring a bell, just yet, I bet you will recognize him as the cute guy in the elevator in the Taco Bell commercials last summer holding the Queso Crunchwrap. Yes, he made fast food, super sexy. And that isn't even scratching the surface, he's appeared on Glee, CSI: NY, and Heroes, just to name a few. And the future is bright for this up and comer. With upcoming roles in the films, Public Relations and The Steamroom, next to his series regular role as MTV's most popular love-to-hate jock.

I had the pleasure of working with Jayson a couple of years ago on an indie project called Big Game, that also starred C. Thomas Howell, Haley Webb, and Kevin Horton. And now, I can call him a client. I'm excited about the future of this very deserving young actor. This isn't the last you will hear from Tinseltown's newest heartthrob and I promise to keep him in fresh threads! Move over Bradley Cooper, . . .brunettes are sexier!

Thursday, January 21, 2010


Anyone who has ever been involved in a long-distance relationship knows that distance only makes the heart grow fonder when distance is not the norm. However, it is not all bad and there are limitless things you can do to make a long-distance relationship both fulfilling and feel "normal." There are so many circumstances that cause people to be separated from their significant other, such as military deployment, relocation because of work or school, and the introduction of new relationships via social networking websites. Most of us have been involved in some kind of long-distance relationship with family, friends, and business associates, but undoubtedly, the hardest to maintain is a romantic long-distance relationship. As with any relationship, communication, trust, routine, surprise, and memories are important aspects that will keep the relationship fresh and healthy. I would like to give some ideas and pointers to making your long-distance relationship (or possibility of such a relationship) much more tolerable and (hopefully) enjoyable.

1. Ask yourself how much passion you feel for the other person. Do you eagerly anticipate visits, e-mail and phone calls? Or is making contact a chore?

2. Consider how much attention you give your partner. Do you return e-mail promptly? Do you call when you say you will?

3. Think about how your partner treats you. Is your partner putting as much effort into the relationship as you are? Do you feel cherished? Taken for granted? Neglected?

4. Consider how often you see each other. Do you visit as often as you can? If you frequently choose to spend your time and money on other priorities, you may need to question how important this relationship is to you.

5. Ask yourself whether you trust the other person. Do you feel suspicious about activities or friendships when you're apart? Trust is important in any relationship, but when you're far away, it's even more crucial.

6. Think about the way the two of you communicate. Are you honest and open with each other? Can you be yourselves when you're together? Do you share the day-to-day details of your lives?

7. Consider to what extent your lives are intertwined. Although you're bound to have separate social lives, it's a good sign if you know each other's new friends.

8. Be honest with yourself about why you're in this relationship. Are you motivated by a fear of being alone?

9. Consider your future plans. Do you discuss living in the same city in the future? Do you have a concrete strategy for achieving that?

10. Ask yourself whether your life apart from the other person is more interesting than being together. If so, it may be time to move on.


Whoever first said that absence makes the heart grow fonder never contended with the weekend airport rush. Here are some ways to hold on to your long-distance lover - and your sanity.

Step 1: Keep in touch daily. If large phone bills are a concern, send e-mail, letters, cards and even faxes.

Step 2: Plan reunions to keep both of you pleased about the relationship. If your partner needs closeness, set up plans to meet often. Having a phone-date to look forward to can help you through the rough times.

Step 3: Reaffirm your love and commitment to one another. Try not to assume that the relationship is thriving. Listen to your partner's concerns and communicate your own before they become bigger problems.

Step 4: Keep your partner informed about your life. You may live separately, but sharing information about your activities and friends is still important.

Step 5: Trust in one another. Suspicion will only break the relationship down.

Step 6: Keep the relationship a high priority. Avoid canceling phone-dates or forgetting to make a phone call.

Step 7: Focus on the future. Make plans to live in the same city eventually.


In the age where texting instead of talking, and social networking that can cause so much unnecessary drama, that it's almost comical, dating has changed. So what is appropriate and what isn't appropriate, I went straight to my friends (both girls and guys). And came up with a pretty good list of Do's & Don'ts that are pretty typical according to both sexes.


Understand the purpose of a "social networking site". Everyone uses a social networking site differently, some use it for business and some use it to really keep in touch with friends from high school, college, work, etc. Both sexes say that facebook can cause unnecessary drama because there is no respect boundaries.

Good Morning, beautiful. Is a great way to start the morning. The girls that have received these texts say that a morning text like that could make their whole day. And ladies, it's ok to start it off by texting your guy "Good Morning, handsome," I asked the men and they said that they'd smile if they received a simple text like that.

Allow comments. Allow the person you are dating to post on your "Wall". And definitely recipricate. The groups of men and women I spoke to, like to know that the person they are dating is thinking about them throughout the day, or like one of the guys said, "I like to know that she can't get me off her mind."

Keep your "stalkers" at bay. Ladies, we all know you are a sexy little thing, but the guys aren't really into reading about the other guys who leave you messages like, "I miss you, baby." Don't get me wrong it's ok that your friends who are the opposite sex might miss you, but 'baby' isn't appropriate. And guys, listen up, one of the pet peeves of the ladies, is the "girl" who comments on every single thing you post. You could post, "I just went to the bathroom" and that "girl" will "like it" or leave some lame comment. We kinda don't like "the girl" and it has nothing to do with being insecure at all, it has to do with appropriateness and respectful. And if we were in a different environment, she'd be what Vince Vaughn calls a "Stage 5 clinger" in Wedding Crashers.

It's ok to "like" a friend's photo, but, . . .ladies, let's be respectful of the fellas, do not like or comment something disrespectful on a male friend's photo that is shirtless. We all know that guy friend deserves kudos for putting in the extra time in the gym, but would you like it if a guy did that to a scantily clad female friend? Yea, exactly.


Here are a few warning signs that might hint that that person may not be "that" into you. Because if you address it and it's still happening, . . .I hate to say this, but move on, . . .Here are some of guys and girls gripes when it comes to 2010's and it's "Techno-Romance".

Communicate Clearly. Texting and email is great for short messages that you either do not have the time to say, or to see if you are still on for your date, running late, etc. The downfall behind texting, emailing, and facebooking is that "TONE" is 20% of your communication. The way someone says something is soo important. Not sure you understand, try this exercise. Say the phrase: "I love my job.", say it like you are so happy, you just got a job that you love. Now, say "I love my job.", as if your boss just came in and called you an awful name and handed you even more work to do. The words don't necessarily matter, it's more of the inflection. It's important to have "phone" conversations too. Guys, women fall in love between the ears. Ladies, men fall in love with their eyes.

When "SHE" writes "I LOVE YOU" every single day. Again, appropriateness, we get it, you like, or love each other, but guys do not need you to write that on their page every single day. And guys, girls aren't really a big fan of it either. It's like "pissing on your territory" and its not really attractive.

When "HE" facebooks more than he communicates with you. This actually works for both sexes. If you really like the significant other that you are dating, you should really try the whole texting "Good morning beautiful" or "Good morning handsome", before playing for hours on Facebook. Too much facebook can ruin a relationship. Jason says, "I adore this girl that I am dating, but when she is constantly playing on facebook and hasn't even acknowledged me for the day, it makes me wonder what is more important, Facebook or me." And ladies, I've heard it from you too. Michelle says, "One of my biggest pet peeves on Myspace is when the guy I am dating is posting all kinds of bulletins and blogs, but doesn't respond to any of my texts. Am I wrong?" Looks like we can honestly say now that social networking has increased our unemployment rate even more.

Don't get mad about it, Talk about it. If you are trying to have an "adult" relationship, both sexes, listen up! Instead of getting mad about something when it comes to techno-romance, such as, texting, emailing, and facebooking, TALK ABOUT IT.

If you are blocked/deleted, even after you have worked it out. Warning sign! Either the argument isn't ok, like you think it is or that person is just really not that into you. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure it out!